Dem Memo Peppered With Highly Questionable Methods & Sources

Democratic lawmakers’ rebuttal memo to their Republican counterparts includes references to “sources and methods” that need to be redacted, Fox News reports.

Lawmakers of the House intelligence committee voted to declassify the Democratic memo late Monday, giving President Donald Trump five days to conduct a national security review of the document. This national security review will include a review of sources and methods which officials say must be withheld from the public for intelligence concerns.

The memo was compiled in response to its Republican counterpart who released a memo that alleges broad abuse of FISA authority by top officials in the Department of Justice and the FBI. Democratic lawmaker Adam Schiff, who played a key role in compiling the document, said he fears “political redactions” from the White House during the intelligence review.

Fox News, however, reports that information was specifically put into the document in order to force the White House’s hand and play into a narrative of obfuscation.

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