Chris Cuomo Slips Up About Nancy Pelosi, We Learn Something Very Interesting

CNN’s Chris Cuomo told Sen. John Tester Thursday morning that the last time he interviewed Nancy Pelosi, she “almost bit [his] head off.”


“I hear you, I get the arguments in favor,” Cuomo conceeded. “But have you reached out to Nancy Pelosi?”

“I have not reached out to Nancy Pelosi because typically I don’t do that because that’s something that leadership needs to do. I worry about the Senate, I worry about making sure that we do our job in the Senate and that the Senate does what people elected us to do,” Sen. Tester responded.

“The political pushback is this — I get why you don’t want to reach out to Nancy Pelosi, she almost bit my head off the last time I interviewed her. But, she is the face of the Democrats there, she’s leading the caucus, you’re going to have to deal with her at some point,” Cuomo joked.

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