Trump Slams Planned Parenthood, Costs Them Millions

President Trump’s expanded Mexico City Policy has cost Planned Parenthood close to $30 million. The policy blocks funding for foreign groups performing or promoting abortion overseas.

According to LifeNews, a State Department report released yesterday found that under the president’s expanded policy, called “Protecting Life in Global Health Assistance (PLGHA),” four organizations that would have otherwise received grants refused to comply with the abortion ban.

“Two of the non-compliance organizations are global abortion providers, Marie Stopes International and the International Planned Parenthood Federation (IPPF),” reports LifeNews. “Both organizations have bilateral USAID grants that would have gone through 2019 for approximately $30 million.”

The USAID said it will direct those funds to other groups, “transition[ing] the activities of those organizations that have not agreed to the PLGHA standard provision to other partners, while minimizing disruption of services.”

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  1. Preident has the courage to stand to those who wish to kill those who have no protection when it comes to planpartenhood.

  2. The Dems and some Repubs complain about POTUS wanting and needing 20 Billion here another 100 Billion there.Nowhere is it mentioned that OBAMA used up and went through 10 TRILLION in 8 YEARS.This should be mentioned in all articles and Newscasts.

  3. Who know? Maybe his actions will save HUMANS who finally discover the cure for cancer, heart disease, write a better song, become a great Pro-American anti-Liberal politician, OR discover the formula for World Peace or cheaper space travel. Or – just get a shot at life. Unlike these baby killers, who waste their gift of life on making sure millions of others – are never born – like THEY were!

  4. Tack that 30 million to the wall, not USAID. Quit all abortion money…to any and all foreign groups. Quit giving away our taxpayer money abroad, we are the cashcow with the Liberals willing to subvert the country, to bring us to our knees. Abortionist caught violating the law, their property would be claimed and sold as penalty…just like drug runners and users that sell for profit. Time we claimed our country back from the Liberal stench that reeks across our shores.

  5. Let George Soros or all the Hollywood zillionaires fund PP if they are so “committed” Unbelievable that something that is so vehemently opposed by a large segment of the population is paid for with taxpayer dollars.

  6. I agree whole heartedly to all of these comments, especially Bill’s. I was just saying that today. If ALL these “Hollywood” know it alls are soooo smart, let them fund all their left wing programs. Give the poor and homeless and our Soldiers some money from their big accounts. We sure pay them enough at the box office! Which I haven’t in a long time. Why do they think they are so smart just because they can “act” like someone else and entertain us. I am so sick of their left wing, baby killing, drain the middle class, attitudes all the while, they sit up high in their mansions spewing their venom on us the lowly class who pay for everything. Let’s DRAIN the swamp and Los Angeles while we are at it.

  7. They call Trump racist when the real exploiters of blacks PP, the demoncrat party and others.. Trump is instrumental in saving thousands, maybe millions of unborn black babies! How can you not support someone who is defending the unborn from the likes of PP and the demoncrat party? None of us or them would be here if our mother’s had had an abortion!


  9. one simple question……………Birth control???????? But they don’t want to use it?????
    prevent pregnancy not abort!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Atta boy Mr. President. Any way you look at it, this is murder and not one abortionist (democrat) will ever make it to heaven.

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