Cop Killing Illegal Immigrant Speaks At Conviction

An illegal alien charged with murdering two California police officers in 2014 blew kisses to the victims’ families in court on Friday, adding that he planned to “kill more cops soon” as he was taken out of court shortly after being found guilty.

Luis Enrique Monroy Bracamontes, 37, murdered Sacramento County Sheriff’s deputy Danny Oliver and Placer County Sheriff’s detective Michael Davis Jr. on October 24, 2014, and now faces the death penalty, Fox News reported.

As the guilty verdict was read in court, Bracamontes gave a sinister smile and said, “Yay,” later adding “I’m going to kill more cops soon.”


“I don’t f***ing regret that s***,” when he said. “Only thing that I f***ing regret is that I f***ing just killed two. I wish I killed more of those motherf***ers. … I will break out soon, and I will kill more. Whoever f***ing get in front of me, just like that. There’s no need for a f***ing trial.”


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    • California is a sanctuary state, they love illegals more than their legal citizens and residents, and definitely more than law enforcement!
      If you’re expecting an execution , you may as well sit on your hands, not going to happen!

    • LET’S give this animal Nancy Pelosi and Chuckie (the Crier) Schumer’s
      home address!
      I am sure Chuckie can cry for him and Nancy can tell us all how much he has contributed to our nation!
      If that was in Mexico, he would have been killed on the spot by the other police!

      He probably will enjoy a better life in one our jails than in living free in his native country!!!!

  1. I try so hard to not judge. I try so hard to wonder if Jesus would approve of executing this person. He’s a danger to humanity…what else do you do with someone like him?

    • there is something in the Bible that says, send murders to Him and he will take care of that person, so the only way that God can do His job, is to send those idiots up to Him. now that means, kill the bastards. simple to me!

    • Trust me, God’s vengeance on this animal will be far worse than anything we can do to him, but wish they could take him out back and blow his little brain out…I wonder what gang he is affiliated with?

    • I agree, but since it did not hurt any of the fricken dem in the traitor’s state of California they do not care. It should be open season on any gang member, put a bounty dead or dead and kill them all, they are scurge of civilization.

  2. What is really sad, is that even if they sentence this miscreant to death, the left will fight for his survival and make him a hero cop killer. Those that have been sentenced to death in past years, know they will live comfortably till they die of old age. The losers are the victims family’s, who have to endure that there is no justice for them. This ghoul will live laughing at the family’s they violated, thanks to the Leftist cancer that dominates this state.

  3. We have to look at why Obama took the side of the illegals.
    It was a ploy to court the 40 millions Hispanics.
    He did pretty well in getting better than 80% support.
    But to do such an act,and all the problems it caused, all for votes, that ought to be considered TREASON.
    This was the problem that Trump could see that the people were angry about.
    He grabbed the issue like a football and ran with it into the White House.
    So Obama created the issue that Trump won with.

  4. kill them now , because soner or later they will do a crime , i don;t care what there spanish , muslim . they all need to leave here or DIE

  5. Why shouldn’t it say it. In Mexifornia, it’s just another invader from La Raza preparing to take over. If they’re not going to kill it, why even bother with a trial? Just let it loose. There’s a better chance it will receive justice on the streets than in the courts.

  6. What he has done is murder: what should be done to him is called killing. When he vows to do more murders, the state is doing its legal right and duty of protecting citizens by taking away possibility of doing more harm to the innocent


  8. Do the people of California not realize what is happening to their state? And yet they elect people like Boxer, Waters, and Brown, over and over again. I remember when California sent people like Ronald Reagan to the state house. My, my how times have changed.

  9. I wonder when the state will release him as a valuable asset to their state? They seem to like killers as evidenced by the one they recently found not guilty even though the shooting was witnessed by the girl’s father.

  10. So basically he thinks he will be walking free to murder again simply because he is in california where they have already allowed ILLEGALS who murdered other people to go free just to avoid deporting them no matter how much they had to twist the evidence while helping them come up with a story the court could use as an excuse to let them off.

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