Cop Killing Illegal Immigrant Speaks At Conviction

An illegal alien charged with murdering two California police officers in 2014 blew kisses to the victims’ families in court on Friday, adding that he planned to “kill more cops soon” as he was taken out of court shortly after being found guilty.

Luis Enrique Monroy Bracamontes, 37, murdered Sacramento County Sheriff’s deputy Danny Oliver and Placer County Sheriff’s detective Michael Davis Jr. on October 24, 2014, and now faces the death penalty, Fox News reported.

As the guilty verdict was read in court, Bracamontes gave a sinister smile and said, “Yay,” later adding “I’m going to kill more cops soon.”


“I don’t f***ing regret that s***,” when he said. “Only thing that I f***ing regret is that I f***ing just killed two. I wish I killed more of those motherf***ers. … I will break out soon, and I will kill more. Whoever f***ing get in front of me, just like that. There’s no need for a f***ing trial.”


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