Professor Claims Safe Spaces Required When Fighting “Micro-Aggressions”

A professor at the University of South Alabama recently published an academic paper arguing that safe spaces are “required” to help students of color cope with microaggressions from their peers.

Leon Higdon interviewed and surveyed more than 100 students for his research. He concluded that minority students were significantly more likely than white students to perceive that a peer has committed a microaggression against them. These microaggressions included being “overlooked in a group discussion” and a coworker acting “unfriendly or unwelcoming,” Higdon writes. Though white and non-white students alike perceived hostility from peers, non-white students perceived it more.


These plans would necessitate “safe spaces,” Higdon argues: “Implementing new programs and policy changes to create safe spaces for minority groups to voice their concerns is required.”

“Safe spaces” have taken many forms on campuses. Recent examples include the proposed $60,000 “safe space” at Santa Monica College, and the Fordham University coffee shop that evicted two Trump supporters for violating its “safe space policy” by wearing MAGA caps.

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