CNN’s Brian Stelter Experiences Amnesia On His Dishonest Reporting

Stelter’s amnesia … Before Donald Trump’s doctor gave him a clean bill of health, you may remember that CNN and in particular media critic/cheerleader Brian Stelter frequently called into question Donald Trump’s “mental fitness” to be president. That’s why it was completely surprising when Stelter tweeted:

The images attached were of Stelter searching for him using the words “mentally ill” and “25thamendment” and coming up blank. That’s because Stelter used the word “fitness” over and over again. Not “mentally ill.” For example:
  • January 2, 2018 email: “We’re once again confronted by questions about the president’s fitness. Questions about his health. It’s uncomfortable. But it is incumbent on journalists to ask these questions and report out the answers…”
  • January 3, 2018 email: “If you read last night’s newsletter, you know I’ve been focused on the Q’s about the president’s fitness. I was struck by the way David Gergen framed it on ‘Erin Burnett OutFront’ Wednesday night. He said ‘if Donald Trump were the head of any other major institution in this country, he would be gone by now.’ Later in the hour, Gergen said other details from Wolff’s book — about Trump’s paranoia, etc — reinforce questions about whether he’s fit for office.”