Illegal Kills Toddler In Drunk Driving Car Wreck

On Sunday night in Winston-Salem, N.C., an illegal alien from El Salvador who was driving while intoxicated and without a driver’s license crashed into an ambulance and killed an American toddler. The driver and passenger of the car initially tried to flee the scene but were apprehended by local police.

Is there anyone in Washington who will speak up for the dreams of this three-year-old American, which were shattered by failed open-border policies now being championed by both parties?



The tragedy in North Carolina comes a week after Indiana Colts linebacker Edwin Jackson and his driver, Jeffrey Monroe, were killed by an illegal alien drunk driver. Alex Cabrera Gonsales had been twice deported back to Guatemala and accrued several misdemeanors and two DUIs in San Mateo, California.  It was likely the sanctuary policies of California that cost an Indiana resident his life. This is why the federal government is supposed to control immigration – to protect the entire union from lawless states.

The criminal history of the North Carolina killer is still unclear, but there is a pattern of illegal aliens with prior criminal records released by sanctuary cities who go on to kill in other states. The mother, identified as Lyndsay Ann Oaks of Wise, Virginia, who was injured in the crash, was travelling with her toddler in the ambulance on the way to a trauma center at one in the morning. The toddler’s name has not been released yet.

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