EPA Administrator Raises Travel Cost Because Of Security Threats

Like a few other Trump administration staffers, EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt has been criticized lately for his travel expenses. With Pruitt at the helm, the agency EPA had a $90,000 travel bill in June. Some of that had to do with the agency’s decision to have Pruitt ride in first class.

At first glance it seems like another case of Washington bureaucrats taking advantage of taxpayers. But, according to the EPA’s Office of Criminal Enforcement Director Henry Barnet, it had something to do with security concerns.

Pruitt has often been the victim of verbal threats, Politico learned from Barnet.

But Barnet said that Pruitt’s travels grew so tense that by May the agent in charge of his security detail recommended he travel in first class when possible. “We felt that based on the recommendation from the team leader, the special agent in charge, that it would be better suited to have him in business or first class, away from close proximity from those individuals who were approaching him and being extremely rude, using profanities and potential for altercations and so forth,” he said.

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