Trump Tax Bill Skyrockets In Popularity, What Will The Dems Do?

It’s happened. We saw this coming. In fact, unlike Obamacare, it was almost guaranteed to happen: the GOP bill is becoming more popular. It’s now split 44/44 percent supporting and opposing the legislation. That’s a 21-point jump from December when it was signed into law by President Donald J. Trump. The polling was dismal on the bill then, but Republicans held firm and passed it via reconciliation. Not a single Democrat voted for the bill; a bill that provides middle and working class tax relief. It was even asked back then: what will Democrats do when his tax reform becomes more popular?

Well, continue to get beaten and bloodied in the face for all the rakes they’re stepping on, apparently. Since the law went into effect, it’s created a better job creating and investing climate. Over 250 companies have issued bonuses to over three million workers. Bonuses range from $1,000-3,000. Companies are boosting employee investment and boosting charitable giving. Apple is finally able to repatriate some $250 billion in overseas money now that the rates are nowhere near crazy levels. They’re also planning a $350 billion reinvestment project over the next five years that will create 20,000 new jobs.


Democrats are now panicking. What should their response be in the face of such great news for the country? Denigrate workers’ bonuses by calling them crumbs; that’s one response. As Business Insider put it, they’re scrambling:

 …Morning Consult/Politico poll released Wednesday showed that Republicans have surpassed Democrats on the generic ballot, with economic policies being a driving factor.

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