Twitter’s Midnight Purge, Who Has Been Affected

Overnight Twitter exploded with rage, sending #TwitterLockOut to the top of the trending list. People like Ben Garrison, the famous cartoon artist, are reporting they have lost thousands of followers in an instant and more are dropping out by the minute. It appears that only conservative accounts are included in the follower purge.

Gab TV broadcast the reports they are getting by the thousands of people locked out. Twitter seems to be labeling Trump supporters “Russian bots” and banning them until they provide confidential information most people don’t want Twitter to have.

This is not unexpected. We have been reporting on Twitter tomfoolery for quite a while now and have been waiting for the main purge to begin. This looks like the big one. In order to get back into their accounts, Twitter is requiring a phone number to be attached to the account. Gab TV thinks it could be a data grab. At the same time, Twitter is having a scandal at Periscope involving minors being groomed by pedophiles and talked into doing sexual acts online for adults. Critics say Twitter hasn’t done much to stop it. The Daily Mail reported on it back in December:

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