Actual Cannibalism In Paris No-Go Zone, The Crisis Is Real

Three men have been arrested in the refugee hotspot of Clichy-sous-Bois outside Paris and charged with biting a man on the face — and then eating the pieces of flesh they had ripped off!

Police arrested the men, all from the African island nation of Cape Verde, on Sunday after they attacked another man in the Hector-Berlioz alley, Le Parisien reports.

Le Parisien reported (translated from French):


Around 6 pm, Hector-Berlioz alley, four men argue for a story of money. Three men gang up to hit a fourth. They bite it violently on the lower lip and left ear before ingesting the pieces of flesh torn off. The victim defends himself by beating his attackers. She manages to hurt one of them at an ankle.

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