Refreshing Bipartisan And Pro-American Legislation

Rep. Dave Brat (R., Va.), a member of the conservative House Freedom Caucus, and Rep. Dwight Evans (D., Pa.), a community activist from Philadelphia, came to rare agreement Tuesday on a licensing issue impacting the American workforce.

The lawmakers, who are often diametrically opposed on policy, expressed agreement during a House Small Business Subcommittee on Economic Growth, Tax, and Capital Access hearing titled, “Occupational Hazards: How Excessive Licensing Hurts Small Business.”

Listening to advocates, small business owners, trade association members, and economic experts, Evans and Brat expressed common sentiments that the current occupational licensing structure has created barriers to employment, hindered economic opportunity, and limited geographic mobility.

Occupational licensing laws are some of the most burdensome of regulations facing the labor force. The laws in effect serve as a permission slip from the government as to who can and cannot work in a particular profession. To receive licensure, individuals may be required to complete hundreds of hours of training and pay costly fees. Such regulations also extend to the requirements licensees must meet to sustain accreditation. Occupational licensure often disproportionately affects professions in the public health and safety fields, but regulations also apply to florists, interior decorators, barbers, and landscapers.

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