DACA Recipients Tired Of Democrat Lies Block Entrance To DNC

Hundreds of DACA supporters marched in D.C. Monday to mark President Trump’s March 5 DACA deadline — which passed with no action from Congress to protect DACA recipients facing deportation. One group of Dreamers held a sit-in in front of the Democratic National Committee, publicly revoking their affiliation with the party.

An estimated 500 activists rallied on the National Mall at the Smithsonian Museum of American History, and then marched to the Hill to lobby members of Congress to pass a clean DACA bill.

Dozens of protesters were reportedly arrested, including Arizona state Rep. Isela Blanca (D-Tempe) and DACA recipient Karen Ibarra.

Approximately two dozen Dreamers — frustrated with their “fake allies” in the Democratic Party — held a sit-in in front of the DNC Monday morning, dressed up with white wigs, canes, and walkers to dramatize their 17-year-long wait for Congress to pass the DREAM Act.

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