Far-Left Democrat Activists Clash With Local Democrats Over California

Pressure from national Democratic groups and state activists to support their candidate of choice and force other Democratic contenders to drop out is producing a backlash in the contest to control the Southern California congressional seat being vacated by Republican Rep. Darrell Issa.

The Democratic infighting over the preferred party choice to run has intensified in recent weeks, echoing clashes between Washington’s Democratic establishment and progressive groups on the ground in Texas for the chance to take on GOP Rep. John Culberson.

A Democratic candidate “viability” forum held in San Diego County Friday was billed as a way for candidates to prove who has the best qualifications to compete against Republicans for the seat.

The “viability” event was organized by Flip the 49th Neighbors in Action, a local chapter of the national liberal group Indivisible. The group, which has raked in $440,000 including $100,000 from Jane Fonda and other Hollywood celebrities, took credit for helping push Issa to give up the seat earlier this year by holding nearly a year of protests outside his district office.

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