Dad Vows To Stop Democrat Who Let His Daughter Be Kidnapped From Obtaining Presidency

According to recent news reports, Democratic former Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick is weighing whether or not to run for president in 2020. Lou Pelletier, father of a teenage girl medically kidnapped by the state during Patrick’s governorship, is vowing to hold Patrick’s feet to the fire.

Patrick would bring a lot of baggage with him to the national stage, including his stint as counsel for sub-prime predatory lender Ameriquest, his advocacy for convicted rapist Ben LaGuer, and the fact that his brother-in-law, over whom Patrick fired a member of the sex offender registry board, has been charged with new sexual assault crimes. But those aren’t even the worst of it. Under Patrick’s watch, the Massachusetts Department of Children and Families kidnapped Justina Pelletier from her parents, and Patrick supported the agency, not the parents.

Now Justina’s dad, Lou, is vowing to hit the campaign trail should Patrick run for president. Here’s what Lou Pelletier told Boston Herald columnist Michael Graham.

wrote about the Pelletier case in December when “Michelle Malkin Investigates” covered the appalling facts. Long story short, Justina’s parents brought her to receive care for her mitochondrial disease, and that’s when doctors at Boston Children’s Hospital decided she didn’t have the disease she had been diagnosed with years earlier and that it was all in her head. The Pelletiers objected to this new snap diagnosis, and Justina was in effect stolen from them and held captive for over a year by BCH and the Massachusetts DCF. Deval Patrick sided with the kidnappers.

The gov't returned Justina as an irreparably damaged child

No child, no family, should ever have to go through such trauma and heartbreak. Michelle Malkin is speaking out about Justina's story so that it never happens again.Watch the full episode ==>

Posted by CRTV on Monday, December 4, 2017

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