England Fallen: hundreds Of Young Girls Put Into Prostitution And Raped In English Town

Up to 1,000 girls in the small English town of Telford have been raped, forced into prostitution, beaten, and even murdered by their abusers, according to an investigation by the Sunday Mirror.

Just as with previous cases of mass sexual abuse of minors in Rotherham and Rochdale, British police, social workers, and city authorities in Telford reportedly took measures to cover up the crimes and the fact that their perpetrators were overwhelmingly of  “Asian” descent (Pakistanis, Bangladeshis, Indians, or Sri Lankans).

Although the Mirror report does not mention the religion of the alleged abusers, if the Telford case corresponds to the Rotherham and Rochdale incidents as closely it appears to, the Asian men are likely Muslims.

Conservative MP Lucy Allan, who represents Telford in the British Parliament, has called for a public inquiry into the allegations of systematic abuse: “There must now be an independent inquiry into child sexual exploitation in Telford so that our community can have absolute confidence in the authorities.”

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