How To Kill A Classic: Hollywood To Turn Iconic American Novel Into Leftist Broadway Show

In 1962, Hollywood adapted Harper Lee’s masterpiece, “To Kill A Mockingbird,” for the screen in faithful-to-the-book fashion as written by Horton Foote. Although some less crucial characters were left out, the film elegantly captured the mood and characters from the novel, and became an instant classic, as Gregory Peck, in the role of his career, won an Oscar, and the supporting cast was nothing less than stellar.

But now, Hollywood has come calling again, and with its current habit of refashioning every story to fit its leftist political agenda, is messing with Lee’s work for a Broadway version of the story.


As a result of the changes the Broadway version has made with essential elements of Lee’s story, the Lee estate (Lee died in 2015 at the age of 89) is filing suit against the production. As The New York Times reports, “In a complaint filed Tuesday in federal court in Alabama, the estate argued that Mr. Sorkin’s adaptation deviates too much from the novel, and violates a contract, between Ms. Lee and the producers, which stipulates that the characters and plot must remain faithful to the spirit of the book.”

One of the chief complaints of the Lee estate is that Atticus Finch, the central character of the novel, is not portrayed as a man who was always fair-minded about race, but a man who is an apologist for racism that existed at the time of the story, 1930’s Alabama.

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