Mark Levin: Anti-Gun Walkouts Showcase Public Educations Leftist Indoctrination

The widespread public demonstrations by high school students, Levin said, display a much deeper issue with American public education, mainly that it has become, in many ways, a vehicle to indoctrinate our schoolchildren with leftist ideas.

“These efforts in these schools are never to advance liberty or constitutionalism or private property rights or capitalism generally,” Levin remarked. “It’s always to advance the Left’s agenda.”

“These government schools have become propaganda mills,” Levin added, while noting many Americans have no choice but to send their children to these same schools, due to financial or time constraints.

“How did we get here?” Levin asked. “There’s been an effort underway, ladies and gentlemen, for 100 years” by the Left “to turn education into the advancement of the progressive ideology.” Following that statement, he gave a brief history of how leftist ideologues co-opted American public schools to turn them into government-funded vehicles for their own agenda.

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