Sweden Says No To Christian Refugee, Yes To Returning ISIS Jihadists

A Christian refugee from Iran seeking asylum in Sweden has not only been denied her request, but forced out of her job, while former fighters with the Islamic State (ISIS) have been granted that asylum. Christian asylum seekers in Sweden reported 512 religiously motivated acts of violence against them, mostly at the hands of Muslim migrants.

Aideen Strandsson, who starred in film and television in Iran, became a Christian after seeing a video of Muslims stoning a woman to death and after having a dream about Jesus. She came to Sweden in 2014 on a work visa and received a public baptism, and has received threats from Muslims due to her conversion.

Last November, the Swedish telecommunications company Ericsson offered her a job as a computer programmer, but she was not allowed to take the job because she remains an illegal resident in the eyes of Sweden’s government.

“They decided i should go home and live without job,” Strandsson wrote on Facebook. “This injustice [sic] but I never give up because I have jesus in my heart and I have prayers of the people of the world in my life. They can take my job, my money, my home. But not my faith.”

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