Anti-Christian Bigotry, Why Democrats Hate Mike Pence

Alleged comedian John Oliver launched a delusional attack on Mike Pence’s daughter’s children’s book this week. Something about the story of a bunny giving a tour of the White House incensed him so much that he felt the need to create his own book featuring a gay version of the bunny from Charlotte Pence’s book. His fans then proceeded to spam her Amazon page with insults and negative reviews. Why? Well, I’m not sure they could even explain why. They are driven by a blind, irrational hatred of Mike Pence. A hatred somehow even more pronounced than their hatred of Donald Trump.


Pence has responded gracefully to these attacks, or not responded to them at all. He certainly hasn’t done anything to goad these people or encourage this constant barrage of mockery. But the Left can’t help itself. They just hate Mike Pence. They hate him with the fire of ten thousand suns. Why? Well, because he’s Christian. That is really the only reason.

It’s true that they don’t hate every “Christian.” In fact, many of the people on the Left who despise Mike Pence probably would claim to be Christian themselves. But the Christianity they find acceptable is the kind that finds everything they do acceptable. They hate the Christianity that preaches sexual morality. They hate the Christianity that condemns the slaughter of innocent babies. They hate the Christianity that believes every Christian ought to have the right to live according to his faith. They hate Christianity, in other words. The version of Christianity they prefer is not a version of Christianity at all, but a slightly Christianized version of secular humanism.

This is the simple fact. If you loathe only the sorts of Christians who believe that the homosexual act is a grave sin and abortion is an abomination, you loathe the religion itself. A religion without those teachings is a religion without Holy Scripture, because that is where those teachings originate. And a religion without Holy Scripture is nothing but a set of vague and ever-changing platitudes, and it bears absolutely no relation to the faith that Christ commissioned his disciples to go forth and preach.

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