New Facts Surface Form Last year’s Mysterious Las Vegas Shooting

On Thursday, The New York Times released videos obtained exclusively from MGM Resorts that show that the Las Vegas shooter’s week before the October 1, 2017 massacre seemed ordinary enough but masked his meticulous planning before the attack. This is what they show:

The videos begin on Monday, September 25. At the VIP counter of the Mandalay Bay hotel, the shooter checked into a suite on the 32nd floor, room 135, and booked an adjoining room, room 134, which he did not check into until September 29. First, the shooter spent two hours in his room and eating at a sushi restaurant downstairs. Just before 5 p.m., the shooter drove his minivan to the valet where a bellman loaded a luggage cart with five suitcases. The shooter asked to accompany the bellman as they took a route through the service elevators to the room. Hotel managers have said that procedure is not unusual.

The shooter spent the next four hours in his room. He later took two suitcases and drove one hour to his home in Mesquite. According to cell phone records, the shooter stayed at his home until Tuesday night when he returned to Las Vegas, stopping at The Ogden, a downtown condominium complex where he had checked in the previous Friday as a music festival called “Life Is Beautiful” was being held in the neighborhood. Police later recovered internet records showing the shooter had perused the internet to determine the festival’s lineup and expected attendance.

Later Tuesday night, the shooter returned to the Mandalay Bay where he used a bellman, similar to the first time, to transport seven more suitcases to his suite. The shooter than gambled for eight hours; video shows his interactions with casino hosts consisted of normal conversation.

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