NO CONTROL: Principle Tells Father She Can Not Stop Kids From Walking Out

John Gunn, father of a student at a Ventura, Calif., middle school, was enraged when he found out his son’s sixth-grade class was allowed to walk out in protest of gun rights in the wake of the shooting in Florida. He went to the school in person with his camera rolling to confront the principal about her decision to allow political protesting on campus. What Gunn was told when he asked principal Barbara Boggio, who made the decision to allow 12-year-olds to walk out of school, boggles the mind.

“There is no such authorization. If a student chose to leave that’s their choice,” she said. “I won’t restrain a sixth-grade student if they choose to leave.”

Boggio goes on to proclaim again and again that her main job is to keep her students “safe.” (How she does this while allowing them to leave the school whenever they want is unknown.)

PJM reached out to Gunn. “They said it was a memorial. I spoke to my son’s friends. They were playing basketball [during the walkout] when a homeless person came through the fence and took their ball,” he said.

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