Liberals Harass Catholics At March For Our Lives

Amid the ocean of half-baked, profanity-laced protest signs from this past weekend’s anti-gun march in Washington, D.C., there was this one about Senator Marco Rubio, R-Fla.

This is far from the first direct attack on Rubio over the issue, but it’s the first that I’ve seen from this round of protests that has the audacity to attack Rubio’s faith, and by extension, the faith of other pro-Second Amendment Catholics, because of this particular political stance.

And the bloody forehead cross toes the line between old-school Catholic-bashing and the outright demonic.

This is nothing new. Whether it’s gun control, some barely watered-down form of Marxism, or the latest government-mandated eco-fad, you can’t consider yourself truly Catholic if you don’t line up with the big-government crowd on the latest political litmus test, at least according to the Left.

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