March For Our Lives Trashes DC

It’s a good thing for the March for Our Lives that they — at least in theory — limited their agenda to gun control, because if they’d have included “improved environmental stewardship” in their list of priorities, they’d look like a bunch of hypocrites.

While the March may have only had around 200,000 attendees, they left enough trash to leave bystanders convinced they numbered in the millions. Signs, half-empty coffee cups, and other assorted garbage was left strewn across the National Mall, as garbage cans overflowed, and marchers simply dropped their detritus wherever the felt like it.

Aside from the D.C. Metro photo, it’s hard to quantify exactly where most of these photos were taken along the March route. But it’s not unusual for protesters in D.C. — particularly those with leftist agendas — to leave these kinds of messes. The Women’s March back in 2017 left coffee cups everywhere along the March route.

There were a handful of marchers, though, it seems, who knew exactly where they were depositing their trash. Signs and other assorted materials were left lodged in barriers protecting the Trump International hotel, just down the street from the White House.

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