Moronic Comedian Michael Ian Black Claims Gun Ownership Is “Slavery By Another Name”

On Sunday, comedian Michael Ian Black, who has become famous recently for his whip-smart Twitter commentary, struck gold again with a rant on gun control. This time, he called for the end of the Second Amendment and compared private gun ownership with slavery.

Here was his hot take:

First off, kudos to Black for making his argument explicit: he wants total gun confiscation. That’s what John Paul Stevens, former Supreme Court Justice, would like as well. Typically, those on the hard Left simply lie about their actual agenda, and call for “reasonable gun control legislation” without specifying exactly what that would be. Black, however, has his eyes on the prize.

But the most astonishing argument here is that private gun ownership is akin to slavery – presumably because my gun will magically kill you on its own, thus making your life subject to my whim. This is factually idiotic.

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