Gun Control Advocate Jailed For Murder

Alabama police have charged Rev. Kenneth Glasgow, a nationally profiled left-wing activist who participated in the “March for Our Lives” and claims to be Al Sharpton’s half-brother, with capital murder.

The killing happened on Sunday night in the small city of Dothan, just a short drive north of the Florida Panhandle. Dothan police believe that Glasgow drove another man, Jamie Townes, to help pursue Breunia Jennings, a woman Townes believed had stolen his car. As Glasgow gave chase, Townes allegedly fired several rounds at Jennings as she was in her car, and she was struck in the head by a bullet and killed.

Under Alabama state law, killing someone inside a vehicle is a capital crime, punishable with life in prison without parole or the death penalty. Glasgow has been charged with the capital murder alongside Townes because of Alabama’s complicity statute, which allows suspects to be charged for helping accomplices commit certain crimes.

According to the Dothan Eagle, during his first appearance in court, Glasgow pleaded innocence by questioning why he was being charged with murder.

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