Satirical Pro-Trump Comic Book Has Leftists Crying… Again!

The creators of the surprise runaway bestseller Thump! The First Bundred Daysare at it again with the first comic book written by an openly pro-Trump team of comics professionals. My Hero MAGADEMIA, a parody of the Japanese hit My Hero Academia, hits comic shops on Wednesday, March 28, and is already stirring up all kinds of outraged angst on Twitter.

In My Hero MAGADEMIA, the Trump figure is named “Wall Might,” a nod to the Japanese manga hero “All Might.”

“Wall Might is America’s mightiest hero!” reads the description, “Wielding the cumulative power of E Pluribus Unum, he was summoned by the Deplorables to fight the forces of the shadow government and their minions. When the forces of evil punch him, he punches back twice as hard!” The book is full of hilarious jabs at the Deep State, including some pretty side-splitting depictions of familiar swamp dwellers.

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