“Feminist Economics” Class Is Here For Your Kids At College

A New York City college is offering a special course for women (and feminist men) who want to learn how the global economy impacts marginalized people, and what to do about it.

Of course, this class isn’t a class on capitalism or the free market, which at last count has lifted more than a billion people out of poverty worldwide, but rather a class on “feminist economics,” which, of course, bears a strikingly close resemblance to simple socialism, with a little gender theory thrown in for good measure.

According to Campus Reform, the New School will offer “feminist economics” as an “international affairs seminar,” where students will learn about “the gender wage gap, how women and men tend to pursue different career paths, the impact of globalization on women, the social reproduction of wealth, and other economics topics.”

Eventually, the class will lead into a more in-depth study of feminist economic systems as “a way of radically reconceptualizing and reorienting the study of economics.”

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