Secret Service Drops Truth Bomb On Gun Control Debate

Well, who would’ve known that the vast majority of mass shooters had mental problems? Oh, that’s right; every one who didn’t think that banning so-called assault weapons and other nonsense gun policy was a good idea. In a new study by the United States Secret Service, they found that 64 percent of assailants suffered from mental problems. The federal law enforcement agency analyzed 28 attacks that killed a total of 150 people from the Orlando Pulse Nightclub shooting to the Las Vegas shooting in 2017 (via USA Today):

An examination of 28 attacks, which claimed nearly 150 lives and wounded hundreds of others — from Orlando to Las Vegas — also found that more than three-quarters of the assailants engaged in suspicious communications or conduct that raised concerns from others in advance of the assaults, according to the report due for release Thursday.

The analysis, prepared by the Secret Service’s National Threat Assessment Center, had been underway months before the Feb. 14 massacre at a Parkland, Fla., high school, but its findings are likely to further fuel concerns about the untreated mentally ill and their access to high-powered firearms.

In the Parkland case, which has reinvigorated a national debate on gun safety, social workers, mental health counselors, school administrators and law enforcement were all warned about Nikolas Cruz’s deteriorating mental state and risk of violence before he allegedly launched the attack that left 17 dead.

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