Democrat Wants To Ban AR-15, Admits The Party Can Not Identify It

Well, not necessarily a shocking announcement, given pro-gun Democrats usually buckle when the pressure becomes this intense: Sen. Mark Warner (D-VA) is reversing his position on so-called assault weapons bans and magazine sizes. The Virginia Democrat is a moderate on the issue, earning a C rating from the National Rifle Association. Not the best, for sure—but one that used to be counted on for voting against his party’s ban on rifles they consider scary. The magazine limits is yet another issue since it’s pretty much a backdoor ban on other firearms, not just rifles. Right now, the ten-round limit on magazines is the Democratic Party consensus. That means the sale and ownership of scores of handguns, most of which carry 15-round magazines, will be put on the banned list.

It’s the same ole’ game of dressing up the semantics. “Common sense gun control” that still honors the Second Amendment, while doing something to increase public safety from so-called weapons of war; another word in the anti-gun lexicon that makes me throw up in my mouth. In reality, it does neither. Law-abiding citizens have their rights chipped away, while scores of guns are brought under the ban if such legislation passes.

Warner made his conversion known prior to the Easter holiday (via Free Beacon):


“I don’t think there’s anything contradictory to say ‘I support your right to have a gun for self-protection, long gun for hunting purposes,’” Warner said. “You can still support that and recognize that military-style weapons are creating such havoc. The killing rate in our country is so much higher than any other nation in the world that the American public demands action.”

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