Fair? Youtube Removes “Gun Making” Videos But Not “Bomb Making” Videos

However, YouTube is incredibly hypocritical, and it was The Daily Beast who pointed it out first.

Although Austin police are still searching for the motives behind Mark Conditt’s bombing spree, investigators have tentatively concluded he mastered the art of bomb-making from “how to make a bomb” videos found mostly on YouTube.

On any given day there are almost 300,000 videos on YouTube providing step-by-step instructions how to construct bombs—pipe bombs, pressure cooker bombs, you name the type. Some of the videos are the work of teen-age backyard pranksters mixing up household chemicals for “Gatorade bottle bombs” (lethal in their own right), others are so-called “film prop” instructional videos showing how to construct bombs with more “boom” than bark for film-making purposes. But the clear majority are military-grade instructional videos painstakingly walking a would-be Mark Conditt or ISIS bomber how to construct a lethal pipe or pressure cooker bomb.


YouTube has known about this content for years and has done nothing. The moment leftist virtue signaling on guns became possible, it threw gun channels under the bus. It treated those channels as if they were enabling terrorists while allowing the real terrorist channels to flourish. If that’s not hypocritical, I don’t know what is.

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