Founder Of My Pillow Takes A Stand During AstroTurfed Boycott Of Laura Ingraham

Does the backlash to the backlash end there as well? I say that just because Lindell’s no ordinary CEO. He’s a Trump buddy. He was at Mar-a-Lago having dinner with POTUS three days ago. (“The President shook my hand and told me, ‘You are doing a great job, Michael.’”) Here he is three weeks before the election in 2016:

He was at the inauguration, then joined Trump at the White House last July for a “Made in America Panel” of U.S. manufacturers. He’s made no secret of his friendship with the president despite the fact that it’s cost him some business. In that sense he’s the perfect person to lead a backlash to the Ingraham backlash. Whether because he places his political beliefs above money or because he’s calculated he makes more by ingratiating himself to the right than he loses by alienating the left, he seems immune from liberal pressure tactics.

Maybe he figures, not unreasonably, that anyone who would boycott MyPillow because of his stance on Ingraham is already boycotting it because of his stance on Trump. Or he believes that standing on principle in support of the president’s favorite news network is a genius way to stand out from the corporate pack. If he gets some free coverage from Fox for it — or, even better, a presidential tweet of support for his pro-Ingraham stance — that’s almost certainly worth more in sales to him than dropping his ads from Ingraham’s show would be.

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