Tobacco Pipe Repair Shop Banned From Advertising

A tobacco pipe repair shop based in Florida but with clients worldwide has been banned from advertising its services on Facebook, thanks to the Faebook’s restrictive stance against tobacco ads. In an interview on Tuesday, the shop’s owner told PJ Media that tobacco pipes are far more than a tool for long-term lung damage, and Facebook needs to understand that. Instead, the enormous social media site is effectively restricting a multifaceted business.

“I wish I could just make Facebook understand that tobacco pipes aren’t just for smoking tobacco,” Ric Farrah, owner at Briarville Tobacco Pipe Repair and Restoration, told PJ Media. “We’ve done them for theater companies for props, for Civil War re-enactors, a guy sent a rock that was carved out by Native Americans 200 years ago!”

“Facebook allows me a page, but will not allow me to sponsor or boost any content relative to my business,” he added.

Pipe smoking has a long and proud history, but today most of the industry’s business is carried out online, Farrah said. “American commerce was founded on tobacco,” the shop owner explained. “It used to be that you could go to a store and sample pipe tobacco. Now, the whole pipe industry has basically gone onto the Internet, there are very few brick-and-mortars left.”

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