Viral Graduation Photo Has The Left Turning Beet Red With Anger

Brenna Spencer is a 22-year-old senior at the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga, and, like most college seniors graduating this May, decided to take graduation photos to celebrate her achievements and mark the milestone. While Brenna knew one of her photos would get some attention, she didn’t expect it to go viral. Posing in a pink “Women for Trump” shirt and white jeans, Brenna is seen partially lifting her shirt to reveal her .380 handgun.

Once she posted the photo on Twitter, the picture went viral, drawing various reactions from the Twittersphere.

One Twitter user replied, “I’m 100% pro-gun but brandishing a firearm for a photo shoot or showing it off to try and look cool is just stupid. They are tools. Why brag about carrying a gun?”

Brenna responded, “Because I’m proud of my second amendment right and I want to empower other women! Absolutely they are tools, but I will always brag about being able to carry a gun to protect myself, my friends and my family!”

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