NRA Lobbyist Kept Away From Major Event Due To Death Threats

The anti-gunners like to accuse gun rights activists of a lot of things. We’ve been accused of lacking sufficient size in certain appendages, for one (that’s a common one). We’ve also been accused of being violent, malicious people just looking to hurt others.

Meanwhile, we’re not the ones making death threats.

Marion Hammer, the NRA’s top lobbyist in Florida, didn’t attend Tuesday’s public hearing on a Leon County gun ordinance because of death threats.

Hammer, usually a staple at legislative hearings on gun bills, acknowledged she wouldn’t attend the hearing in an email exchange over the weekend with County Commissioner Bryan Desloge.

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  2. Go in body armor? 100 man bodyguard team or do event by 2 way Video feed?
    Censorship works Both ways Left, watch out.
    Beware Lefties of censorship, Karma is comin.

  3. Rather than give in the sleezeball threats, she should have hired a couple of duty police officers as escorts to prove she and we will not be bullied.

  4. The real funny thing is gun control only targets legal gun owners, who for the most part are white middle ago white men ,so by the same defention used by liberals calling everything that does not conform to liberal stupidity and liberal insanity are always called racist . By that defention gun control is the most racist ignorant dumbass ignorant idea ever conceived. By ignoring the real problem of criminals with stolen guns committing crimes ever day for decades and the majority of murders in this country is also racist because the majority of known criminals in this country are black

    • The liberals probably think that if law abiding people can’t own guns, then the criminals will not have a place to steal them from.
      Don’t tey know about the black market? Criminals will get guns.

  5. people on the left have GREAT FEAR OF GUNS , therefore their fears lead to irrational anger and violent threats. IMHO that makes them MORE dangerous than the guns they fear

    • Your right the left or Democrats do fear guns, that’s the only thing in their way of there communist utopia here in the USA.

  6. Marion Hammer is either a coward or dumb. If you are not willing to fight, get out of the way and let those who will fight. I will not let a communist dictate to me. I’m 83 and tired and angry that our constitutional right is constantly under attack. There are ways she could have made that commitment.

  7. This article is 100% correct. The only threats of violence I hear are coming from those who want to take away our guns. Something is terribly wrong with this picture. Violence to end violence?

  8. All opposed to the second amendment are either communist or stupid. Name one communist country where citizens “not in the party” can be armed? Communism cant take over a country where the people are armed. They will control media, your home, your business and land. I label Stalin’s useful idiots such as Hogg, as a communist.

    The NRA is the guarantor of the second amendment WHICH ASSURES THE FIRST Amendment. Hogg would be comfortable in Cuba. No crazies to shoot him there, but talk bad about gov and then get shot dead!

  9. The phrase ‘gun violence’ is a liberal’s favorite term. Achtung, Achtung! There is no gun violence. The only violence is PEOPLE VIOLENCE. If the nasty little blighter has no gun, it will use a knife. If it has no knife a club is in order, if no club is handy a stone will do, and if a stone is not available the fist will do. Violence has nothing to do with inanimate objects, the only form of violence is PEOPLE. The continuous quacking from the left is an attempt to remove protection from others who do not agree with their wish to force the others to smooch the feet of the fools who, while knowing nothing, insist on the ability to control the others without danger to themselves.

  10. All this negative rhetoric is exactly what external forces and their internal cohorts are doing to destroy the peace and tranquility we should be all enjoying. Don’t be fooled by joining those destructive forces (either intentionally or unintentionally) whose goal is to destroy America.

  11. When these liberals’ homes get broken into and they are violated along with their families, don’t come running and crying that the police didn’t get there fast enough. Since you don’t like or own a firearm, just throw your liberal paperwork that protests the ownership of guns at the perps maybe they’ll just quietly turn around and leave ! N O T !

  12. Our police departments are just a lending hand for our commie leaning politicians. They should have been there to prevent any violence and to arrest and prosecute. Instead. We now have commie leading judges who are out to destroy America and along with judges appointed by them.

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