Serial Narcissist James Comey Wants A Movie

Former FBI Director James Comey’s memoir may be a bust — there are few left in the media who haven’t noted his dramatic play for attention — but the embattled official has no plans on retiring from the public eye.

According to both The Washington Post and The Boston Globe, Comey is already mulling a film adaptation of his book, “‘A Higher Loyalty: Truth, Lies, and Leadership,” which hits bookstore shelves on Tuesday, and a James Comey biopic could be in America’s future.

The Hollywood Reporter says that, earlier in March, Comey’s agents were fielding both movie and television pitches from various entertainment industry professionals at their firm’s D.C. office. THR claims that Comey wasn’t considering a film or TV adaptation when he first pitched his book, and that Comey remains “unsure” he’ll sell his story to Hollywood.

Based on the last several days, however, it’s clear neither of those assertions are even remotely true. Comey would likely not only love to see his own biography hit the big screen, he’d be first in line on the red carpet when it premieres.

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