Comey And McCabe Call Each Others Liars, Neither Is Lying This Time

Andrew McCabe, former Comey sycophant and deputy director of the FBI, was summarily fired about a month ago for the most banal of reasons: he’s a liar. In the course of an IG investigation, it was substantiated that McCabe had lied on no less than four occasions and he did so in order to protect himself. Initially, all was cool. This is Comey when McCabe was forced out of the deputy director position:

But McCabe’s defense against firing was that he told Comey everything he did and this fault line was apparent in March when McCabe’s statements of defense were in direct contradiction to Comey’s sworn testimony. The extent of the difference between their stories became obvious last week when the IG report that led to McCabe’s firing was released.

This week, since the Gospel of Comey A Higher Loyalty hit the bookstands and Comey hit the book-selling circuit, things aren’t quite as cozy.

During his appearance on The View Wednesday, fired FBI director James Comey confirmed a Daily Beast report saying that he tipped off the investigation that led to former Deputy Attorney General Andrew McCabe’s firing. “The McCabe case illustrates what an organization that’s committed to the truth looks like. We investigated — I ordered that investigation. We investigate and hold people accountable,” Comey said. “I still believe Andrew McCabe is a good person, but the inspector general found that he lied, and there are severe consequences in the Justice Department for lying as there should be throughout the government.” The Daily Beast report outlined how Comey directed the Bureau’s internal Inspection Division to find out who leaked documents mentioned in an October 2016 Wall Street Journal report. The division discovered the leaker was most likely McCabe— and then handed the case over to the Justice Department’s inspector general. The IG then determined that McCabe committed misconduct, which led to his firing.

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