Renound Psychologist Jordan Peterson On Abortion…

The Jordan Peterson craze has swept the online blogosphere, from his appeal to traditionalist archetypes to his attacks on gender theory. What does the professor think about abortion, a topic he rarely speaks about in public?

According to a lecture Peterson gave last year that LifeSiteNews uncovered, the Canadian psyche professor says abortion is “clearly wrong.” When asked about the morality of abortion during his lecture, Peterson denounced it as a universal wrong that nobody disputes.

“I don’t think anybody debates that. You wouldn’t recommend that someone you love have one,” he said.

Peterson admitted the practice wrong while not trying to “eliminate the complexity” of what leads to an abortion. “The first question is, ‘Should everything wrong be illegal?’” he said. “That’s a tough question. Everything that’s wrong isn’t illegal. Then there’s the additional complication of the difference, let’s say, in gravity … regarding the problem in relationship between men and women.”

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