SAD: The UK’s “Progressive” State, No Jokes, And Children Sentenced To Death

Over the past several weeks, we’ve finally seen what the law enforcement priorities of British police look like. We’ve found out that they will simply not stand comedians training their girlfriend’s pugs to make Nazi salutes for YouTube LOLs — that vicious act of cruelty comes along with an £800 fine from the British government. At least he didn’t end up in prison. We also know that flipping off a mobile safety camera while fitted with a laser jammer is punishable in the UK by eight months in prison. And, of course, we know that carrying a spork in the UK is criminal activity as well.


Two-year-old Alfie Evans, who suffers from an undiagnosed brain condition that has left him in a semi-vegetative state, has been ordered removed from life support by the British government over the wishes of his parents. His parents simply wanted to move him to Italy to pursue palliative measures, but the British court ruled that wouldn’t be in Alfie’s best interest, and ordered that his parents watch him die. Instead of dying, however, Alfie continued to breath on his own for 15 hours after being disconnected from life support. Pope Francis tweeted in support:

The British government placed 30 officers around the hospital to prevent protesters from attempting to move the baby.

This marks the second time in recent months that the British government has enforced the death of a child above the wishes of the parents — baby Charlie Gard’s parents were refused the ability to move their child out of the country for treatment, with the hospital arguing that he should die instead.

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