Michelle Malkin Goes Toe To Toe With Jim Acosta In Epic Confrontation

In a fierce appearance on Fox News Wednesday, CRTV host Michelle Malkin dropped truth bombs on immigration and the sorry state of U.S. border security and called CNN White House correspondent Jim Acosta a “disgrace” for suggesting that President Donald Trump’s criticism of the press might incite violence.

On immigration, Malkin responded to news that a “caravan” of illegal immigrants has finally reached the U.S. border.

“The bottom-line question that I’ve tackled for more than 20 years now is whether America is a nation of laws or a nation of outlaws. Whether we are a sovereign nation or whether we are a sanctuary nation,” Malkin said.

“These caravans are exploiting every aspect of laxity in the system,” Malkin explained, pointing to the backlog of immigration cases, “catch and release,” and other weaknesses in our immigration law. She called for Congress to act on border security.


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