At Best Ignorant Literature, At Worst Propaganda. David Hogg’s New Gun Control Book

Gun-control activist and Parkland student David Hogg just announced the catchy title of his new book, billed as a rallying cry for his generation: “#NeverAgain.” If this sounds familiar, it should.

For several decades, the slogan has served as an international pledge never to allow another Holocaust. Emblazoned in five languages at the Dachau concentration camp memorial, the phrase is perhaps best known as the cri de coeur of late Auschwitz survivor and Nobel Laureate Elie Wiesel.

I believe Hogg meant no offense in borrowing the slogan for his political cause, but it is chilling—particularly to have claimed it so blithely, without remark, at a time when knowledge of the Holocaust is fast fading among his generation. Two-thirds of millennials have never heard of Auschwitz and 22 percent can’t say what the Holocaust was, according to a recent survey.


Of course, there is no one “official” version of history Americans “must” know. Still, there are enough historical omissions in millennials’ knowledge base to warrant concern. A third of millennials believe more people were killed by the George W. Bush administration than under Joseph Stalin, for instance.

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