Big Lie Form This Democrat Might Cost Many Lives And Let Monsters Roam Free

Well, with that massive caravan of illegal aliens reaching the U.S, California becoming a sanctuary state, the Department of Justice’s lawsuit against that law, and the Orange County Sheriffs Department and San Diego County joining the DOJ lawsuit, immigration is very much in the news, despite the non-stop activity emanating from the Trump White House. We have reports that a new bill to fix the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program has at least 218 votes in support. Across the river, Democratic Virginia Governor Ralph Northam has vetoed a billbanning sanctuary cities. Yet, let’s not forget that Northam promised to sign such a bill if it came to his desk a week from Election Day last year (via WAVY):

Gillespie has also hit Northam for casting a tie-breaking vote on the State Senate floor against the ban on sanctuary cities in Virginia, and Gillespie was surprised to learn from 10 On Your Side that Northam is actually opposed to sanctuary cities.

Gillespie was quick to point out, “That is inconsistent with his answers in the debate, and the vote he cast on the floor of the State Senate.”

10 On Your Side asked Northam if he were Governor would he sign a bill to ban sanctuary cities in Virginia. “If that bill comes to my desk, Andy, I sure will (sign it). I have always been opposed to sanctuary cities, and (Gillespie) knows that.”

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