California Wants To Ban Books, Who’s Books Will Shock You…

If the basis for being able to ban a book is fraud, shouldn’t that automatically put Kitty Kelley and every other “unauthorized biographer” completely out of business? It is a shocking attempt to silence the voices of those who want to tell their stories about overcoming what to them was a result of years of abuse and struggle. Ex-gays have a right to tell their stories, whether you believe them or not. It’s interesting that the same people who believe Bruce can identify as Caitlyn want to make it illegal for Luis Javier Ramirez to identify as straight. Ramirez is taking part in a protest against this bill and others like it on May 5th in Washington, D.C.

A survivor of the Pulse gay nightclub shooting and a speaker at the event, Ramirez testifies about liberation from homosexuality through Jesus, who “didn’t just change my life, but exchanged my life for His.” Freedom March organizers want to know why Californians want to silence their choice to share their stories. Event founder Jeffrey McCall states, “Everyone in this country gets to speak their ideals and beliefs freely, so why can’t we tell our stories?”

“This is an extremely important and ground-breaking moment, as the LGBTQ community is clamping down to silence the testimonies of people who have come out of those lifestyles to follow Jesus Christ,” says Elizabeth Johnston, The Activist Mommy, who will speak at the event. “Their stories give us hope that freedom is possible in a world awash with gender confusion and sexual addiction!”

If the California Senate passes AB 2943, Californians will no longer be able to share personal stories of hope like the ones here.

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