Is Hillary Sucking Money Out Of Your Bank Account?

If you’ve ever given money to Hillary Clinton, you might want to check your bank account.

According to at least one man, who has now involved a state Attorney General, once you instigate a monthly, recurring donation to Clinton’s post-campaign charity, Onward Together, you owe her $10.48 per month for the rest of your life.

Fox News reports that Corey Koscielniak began giving to Onward Together as soon as the project launched, selecting an option that would let him give a recurring $10 donation. But months later, frustrated that Clinton wasn’t providing donors with any information about where the money was going or what it was being used for, he tried to cancel — and quickly realized that he couldn’t.

“Onward Together (OT) accepts payment information, but provides no ability to alter or cancel donations once the initial donation is received,” Koscielniak wrote in a complaint to the Washington State Attorney General’s Office, according to Fox.

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