NRA Offers YETI Alternative

Yeti coolers are expensive buggers. It’s part of why I’ve never bought one. However, a lot of other folks forked out their hard-earned money for the cooler that was supposed to be the top of the heap. Yeti, after all, is a lifestyle brand, and people wanted to signal that they were down with that outdoor lifestyle.

After Yeti’s actions toward the NRA, however, many owners were recording videos of them destroying their Yetis as a form of protest.


Dragging your Yeti cooler down the street behind your vehicle or using it for target practice might make a good social media splash, but the NRA is offering an alternative to throwing away the $500 you spent on your cooler. You can pick up an “I Stand With the NRA Foundation”sticker at the NRA Annual Meetings & Exhibits in Dallas and use it to cover up the Yeti name.

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