Where Will We Put Them? 400 ISIS Fighters Captured

ARLINGTON, Va. — “North of 400” foreign fighters are currently in limbo as the Trump administration weighs whether or not to send ISIS members captured on the battlefield to Guantanamo Bay and the State Department negotiates with the jihadists’ home countries.

Today was the deadline for Defense Secretary James Mattis to deliver a review of Gitmo operations and proposals for its future to President Trump, per a January executive order.

At the Pentagon today, Mattis told reporters that he’d “not seen anything come in to me today” on the issue, “and usually we try to answer things in advance, so that on the day it’s well resolved — a couple days before we know where it’s at.”

“So right now I’m not working that issue. I’m not sure why. I’ll go back and look at it,” he added.

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