Former Fox News Contributor Eric Bolling Gets New Show?

Former Fox News anchor Eric Bolling, an outspoken advocate for ending the nation’s opioid crisis, is bringing his new show, “America,” to CRTV.

Bolling’s new show will debut early this summer.

“Bolling is a personal friend of President Trump and one of his earliest and most vocal supporters. His new show, America, will showcase his hyperconnected network of contacts and provide unparalleled access to the Trump administration. ‘America’ will also feature Bolling’s unmistakable, no-holds-barred commentary and powerful insights as he and his guests tackle the big issues and news stories that everyday Americans really care about,” CRTV explained in a press release.

“For more than a decade, I have sparred with the liberal media, defending America as we know it. That fight got bigger and more intense with the rise of the anti-Trump crowd,” Eric Bolling said. “I consider it more important than ever to be a voice for the millions who want to rid the country of career politicians and Make America Great Again.”


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