If Dems Don’t Like What You Say You Are Either Racist Or Mental, Who This Time?

It had to be one of the greatest moments on social media in a long time. Rapper Kanye West, the infamous basher of George Bush during Hurricane Katrina, isn’t a hater of Trump. In fact, he went on a lengthy Twitter thread about how we all need to be freethinkers, and how the progressive mob won’t stop him from loving President Trump. He later clarified that he doesn’t agree with everything Trump stands for, citing his wife, Kim Kardashian West, with who had called him as these tweets began to explode across the Internet.  Still, even Kim supported her husband tweeting, “He’s a free thinker, is that not allowed in America?”

This apparent red pilling of Kanye stems from his support of Talking Points USA’s Candace Owens, who is also black, who earned West’s respect, saying he liked what she had to say; Owens has gone on to criticize black Americans for being proto-slaves to the Democratic Party, held hostage in their minds by the pervasive victimhood mentality. Kanye even took a swipe at Obama, which I know didn’t sit well with progressives.


Needless to say, the Hollywood Left had a meltdown. Actress and singer Janelle Monae, John Legend, and Ice-T were not too pleased over the tweets. It got so bad that The Washington Post devoted a rather lengthy piece explain why Kanye and Owens are being duped, or something:

If Owens prefers the GOP platform, then, certainly, she should support it. But as Rolling Stone’s Jamil Smith points out, “Contrarianism is a much lesser goal than iconoclasm, and much easier to achieve.” Calling other people victims, or slaves, isn’t an argument about the proper size and scope of government. It’s not a defense of a foreign-policy doctrine. It’s not an anti-choice argument. And it’s not a coherent (or, for that matter, conservative) explanation for police brutality.

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