A Triumphant Return For This American Sitcom… But On FOX?

Tim Allen may have the last laugh on ABC.

The network canceled his popular, long-running sitcom “Last Man Standing” roughly a year ago. Now, Allen shares the news via Twitter that the show may be coming back, “Roseanne” style. Or “Will & Grace” and “Mad About You” style.


Allen’s series drew hearty ratings at the time of its cancellation. The show also represented a rare look at the country from a right-of-center viewpoint. Allen’s Mike Baxter was a loud and proud conservative, making him a virtual unicorn on the TV landscape.

Bringing Baxter to Fox, the show’s new potential home, offers a dollop of diversity in an otherwise liberal TV landscape. Here’s why the new “LMS” could generate “Roseanne” sized rating should its renewal come to pass.

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