[VIDEO] Did John Kerry Commit Treason Against the United States?

John Kerry is back in headlines this week for attempting shadow diplomacy in Iran so that he can save his Iran Deal. This action by former secretary of State John Kerry is a threat to our Republic. How can an individual who no longer works for the government act as a diplomat with a foreign regime to save a deal that is bad for America and bad for world peace? Trump has taken Kerry head-on in a tweet on Monday over this highly suspicious action:

Prager U has tackled the issue of Iran and the disastrous Nuclear Deal in this video:

Benjamin Netanyahu exposed last week how Iran already broke their side of the deal and has full intentions of building bombs. PJ Media is reporting this on Netanyahu’s presentation:

In a Monday presentation from Israel’s Defense Ministry, Netanyahu said tens of thousands of pages of documents had been recovered by Israeli intelligence from a secret storage facility in Tehran about Project Amad, which aimed to produce five nuclear warheads. “These files conclusively prove that Iran was brazenly lying when it said it never had a nuclear weapons program,” the prime minister said.

Practically no one in the Middle East wants Iran to get a nuclear bomb, why? They are one of the few countries on Earth that will use it. Iran refers to the United States as “The Great Satan” and the people of Iran chant “Death To America” on a usual basis. The Republic of Iran even has a “Death To America” Emoji on its state-sponsored texting app. John Kerry & Barack Obama are the masterminds behind this disaster in the making, now John Kerry acts as if he is still in charge so he can keep his legacy? This can not continue!